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Introducing YouTube with a Peruvian flavor

By Gianfranco Polastri

Country Manager For Google Peru

Peru is a multicultural and multilingual country, the result of the merger of different influences and customs throughout the centuries. It has a cultural abundance, from its literature, music and dance to its incredible cuisine, famous worldwide for its variety and originality. Taking all this into account, it's not surprising to find great examples of this culture's expressions on videos that anyone could enjoy at YouTube, such as Marca Perú, PerúTubers, Alicia and Sucedió en el Perú.

We want to share even more of the culture of Peru with you, so today we’re kicking off a local version of YouTube in Peru: The country becomes number 43 globally where a local YouTube version is available, and sixth in Latin America together with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

YouTube Peru will give more exposure to local talent, as well as make the experience of discovering, sharing and commenting on videos have a local flavor, making them more relevant with local tastes. Peruvians can now browse videos by category or by popularity and find local talent easily, without missing anything that also happens on a global scale.

We can’t wait to see how YouTube Peru comes to life and acquires its own personality. So we invite you to start a channel to upload your best moments and talents to YouTube, and share those of others who are celebrating their world through video.