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Introducing Living Legends

By The YouTube Team

Today we are proud to launch Living Legends, a new program that invites luminaries from around the world to communicate directly with the YouTube community by answering your questions and becoming a genuine participant on the site. We plan on bringing you an exciting roster of leaders in film, sports, politics, and a whole lot more. But, first, we begin with a little rock 'n' roll.

Only these blokes are not exactly little, with more than 24 studio LPs released and over 200 million albums sold. They've got an unquenchable passion for American blues and R&B and have blended it into a uniquely British import that has influenced countless musicians around the world. Take a look at the video they made just for YouTube, part of which was curiously shot in a bathroom:

Yep, it's the Rolling Stones. In addition to their video calling out for your burning questions, today's home page features some rare behind-the-scenes footage from the band, along with a few truly unique presentations of their classic "Start Me Up," including renditions by a marching band, YouTube Award Winner and "Chocolate Rain" scribe TayZonday, and a hands-only (!) version from The Manualist:

So start thinking of a good question for Mick & Keef, fire up those video cameras, and upload your question to the Living Legends. And, of course, stay tuned for more legends to come…

Getting Our Ya-Ya's Out,

The YouTube Team