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Introducing Citizentube

By Steve Grove

Head of News And Politics, YouTube

What issue matters most to you? What do you think about the politics of your neighborhood, your district, your state, your province, your country…your world? And what are you going to do about it?

This week we're launching Citizentube, a channel designed to explore these questions and inspire more. As YouTube's political video blog, Citizentube's mission is to add fuel to the revolution that is YouTube politics.

What is YouTube politics? The answer to that question is as varied as the users who jump onto the platform. But it's one thing for certain: a place where everyone, from users to candidates, has the same chance to be seen and heard. Let the best ideas win.

Already we've seen players from all over the political spectrum using YouTube in powerful ways. A bone marrow drive broadcast on YouTube brought 1,000 donors to help a stranger. A video series on Iraq has begun to bring a human face to the war. And a message from an American politician in Spanish reached across cultural barriers through YouTube.

And there's LOTS more to come.

So if you're packing a political punch, or you've just got "issues," you've got a pretty (well, extremely) large audience here that's waiting to hear from you. Fire up those cameras and send us links to the political videos you think more deserve attention. People are watching…

Waiting to hear from you,