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Improvements to Scheduled Publishing

By Vladimir Vuskovic

Product Manager

We’ve heard your feedback that scheduled publishing was due for an overhaul, so we’re excited to recap several updates that we’ve made over the last few months. We’re now confident that it should work as you expect. That is, videos will reliably go live when you tell them to and they’ll show up in subscribers’ feeds according to the publish time (not upload time).

What’s new with standard publishing
Notify subscribers at time published (i.e. first set public), not time uploaded: Worked for days on a video you kept private, only to publish it publicly and have it show up deep into viewer’s feeds? No bueno. Now, videos will show up in channel and homepage feeds based on the time you mark them public, rather than the original upload time. We also now use time published in all other search and discovery features throughout the site, so you don’t have to worry about keeping videos private for a bit before publishing.

No more “0% published”: Our old system wouldn’t send videos until they processed on all formats (720p, 1080p, etc.), which could sometimes take a while. Now, no more than a few minutes will pass between when your video is ready to watch, and when it goes out to your subscribers.

What’s new with scheduled publishing
Now when you use scheduled publishing, we’ll keep your video private until the time you specify. The video will be sent to subscribers and appear chronologically throughout the site at the scheduled publish time, not upload time.

To give you more visibility into publishing status, we’ve added information to your Video Manager that lets you see when your video will publish in your local time zone. Once complete, you’ll see a check mark with the confirmed published time.

We’re not done

We’re not ready to declare “Mission Accomplished” until our publishing features provide you with the level of control, detail, and reliability that you expect, 100% of the time. In order to streamline feedback, we’ve set up an email address that will get your feedback directly to the team working on this. Feel free to email us at We won’t be able to respond to every email, but we will read everything you send us.