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How to upgrade to the new YouTube channels look

By The YouTube Team

You work hard on your channel and your videos, so we’re doing the same on making channels look their best on YouTube. That’s why in December, we launched an updated look and new templates for channels, as well as features across the site to keep you better connected with the channels you enjoy.

Like a great symphony, these channels and features work best when everyone is playing on the same page. So that’s why we’re encouraging you to update your channel to the new look, and by March 7 we’ll be updating everyone. If you have a YouTube channel and 15 minutes today, select the “Try the new design” button on the top of your channel page that will give you step-by-step instructions for updating.

The step-by-step was a good start, but I want more info. Whatcha got?
  • Use this Checklist to make sure you have the main parts of your channel covered
  • Want to do more? The YouTube Creator Playbook has a special section just for improving your channel, as well as a ton of YouTube tips from the best in the biz
  • Still have questions? Stop by the Help Center for more answers

Why the change?
We know how hard it is to find great content on YouTube (you’re uploading 60 hours of video per minute), so when viewers find your channel we want to help you keep them there, and keep them coming back. All uploaders are not the same, so now you have four different templates to best suit your needs: Creator, Blogger, Network and Everything. With the old design, it wasn’t always easy for viewers to browse your channel. However, we loved parts of the old channels design too (heck, many hours and Red Bulls were consumed to build it), like your ability to feature content. So we’ve enabled a new Featured Tab that offers you the ability to keep doing that.

I’m freaking out — please don’t change this!
We know change is never easy, especially when it’s something you’ve spent lots of time and effort on. Even more, there are human beings at YouTube who look at every piece of feedback, bucket them into categories, and work with product teams to address them each week. So whenever you see a blue "Send Feedback" link, know that that's not some decorative ornament. It's for real. So give your feedback because we (humans) need it to keep creating ways for YouTube to showcase your channels.