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How to share videos on YouTube (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)

By Rita Chen

Associate Product Manager

My mom recently purchased a new camcorder and she’s having a blast capturing just about everything on video. She often calls me to describe what incredible event she’s just documented and suggests that we watch it together the next time I visit. Unfortunately, now that I’ve moved across the country, my trips back home are rather infrequent. If only she knew how to share videos online, I’d be able to view them with her no matter where I am.

I’ve already set aside time to teach my mom how to share videos when I visit for the holidays, but I’m sure many others could also benefit from such a tutorial. In fact, thoughts like this inspired a handful of us at Google to create, a place where “kids” of any age can send basic how-to videos to their moms, dads, uncles--whomever. 

To see videos or to send someone a tech support “care package” of your own, visit