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How to make a great first impression for your Channel

By Andres Palmiter

Audience Development Strategist

With YouTube’s new homepage and Channels layouts it’s easier than ever to find and subscribe to Channels, but what’s the best way to have viewers find you? Here are some tips to help your Channel stand out in the crowd:

Channel metadata and visuals help viewers find and subscribe to your Channel
  • Use the new Channel branding and tell people your posting schedule
  • Create a relevant, short text description of your Channel. This will have prominent placement around YouTube that helps drive new subscriptions.
  • Avatars are important! Avatars are like thumbnails promoting your Channel, and the same tips apply for creating thumbnails and avatars in the YouTube Creator Playbook.
Make your Channel preview on the homepage count
  • Uploading regularly engages your subscribers and also helps attract new ones. In the Channels preview pane, potential subscribers can see how often you upload so they know what to expect.
  • The main video in the preview is pulled from featured video on your Channel, so make sure you have a good introductory video that catches the audience.
Once you attract new subscribers, focus on creating the best Channel experience possible
  • Remember that it’s not all about what you upload—use playlists to organize your Channel, and like/favorite videos to surface new content to your subscribers.
  • If you can’t be the Channel that uploads great videos, you can be the Channel that finds great videos!

To learn more about using Channel promotion and other strategies to make your shiny new channel even shinier, check out the YouTube Creator Playbook