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Holiday Solutions Center

By Sadia Harper

YouTube Howto & Style

The holiday season is quickly approaching. For all the fun that ensues, there are always lots of things to do and sometimes a little stress. Well, YouTube is here to help. This year we've teamed up with Lowes Home Improvement and created the Holiday Solutions Center to help with your holiday hassles and share some great ideas for the special season. This YouTube checkpoint is built to get you through the holidays without a hitch. From cooking to decorating and gift giving, our Holiday Solutions Guide brings together some of our favorite festive experts in one place. 

First time hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house? gives you recipes and tips on the staples. Want to give your place an inviting feel for the holidays? E-How has plenty of DIY ideas that are quick and simple. Whatever your quandary, the Holiday Solutions Center is the perfect place to visit when you need answers to your holiday questions.

Happy Holidays

Sadia H.