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Helping You Shape Your YouTube Experience

By The YouTube Team

As YouTube grows, more and more people from all parts of the world are communicating and connecting. We want to make it easy for you to reach out and learn from each other, while you engage only in those conversations you choose. That's why we've developed the Help and Safety Tool to help you manage communications with other community members.

Using the tool is easy: Once you are logged into your personal account, the tool lets you connect directly into your channel so that you can see all communications you've had with a particular user, remove comments you'd rather not keep, and even block the user from further communication.

In addition to letting you decide which communications you would like to see, the Help and Safety Tool also gives you a simple way to let us know about additional concerns you may have related to other users. This is only the first step; we'll continue to add more features to the tool to keep the power in your hands.

Remember: you have choices on YouTube. To learn more, visit our Abuse & Safety Center, where you can find additional information about these issues. If the Abuse & Safety Center doesn't answer all your questions, you'll find "Contact Us" links at the bottom of some of our articles. Click on the link to get to the new tool, and from there you can report your concerns to us.