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Greetings, everyone!

By The YouTube Team

We've spent the last few weeks enhancing some of our existing features and adding new things that you, our users, have requested. So, please keep your comments and suggestions coming! We depend on you all to help keep YouTube the best video website on the web.

  • Feature This!

We want you to have a voice in what videos get featured on our home page. Whenever you see an entertaining, creative or funny video that you think other users would like to see as well, flag it 'Feature This!' and we'll review it for consideration in 'Today's Featured Videos'.

  • More Playlists Features

It's now easier then ever to organize and share your playlists! All of your videos and your favorites are now automatically imported into your Playlist Manager, so that you can easily copy these videos into the new playlists that you create. Did you put together an awesome collection of videos that you want to share with your family and friends? No problem! Just send them the URL that's now conveniently displayed for each one of your playlists.

Have you ever tried to respond to someone's comment on a video? Gets a little confusing trying to figure out who is replying to whom, doesn't it? With threaded comments, you can now respond directly to another user's comment -- and not only that, but you'll also get notified anytime someone replies to your comment.

  • Required Tags

You've just uploaded a video of your dog. You put "chihuahua" and "dog" in the tags field, but you're at a loss for that third tag to describe your video. We've heard your cries, and decreased the number of required tags from three to one.

  • Most Viewed Videos

We've updated Most Viewed to insure that you're always getting the most up to date videos. Whether you're watching most viewed today, this week, or this month you'll be watching the most viewed videos that were uploaded within that time period. For example, most viewed today will be the videos with the most views that were uploaded within the past 24 hours.