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Our first blog post

By The YouTube Team

Greetings, everyone!

Thanks for visiting YouTube! We have been most impressed with the reception from our users. In an effort to communicate improvements and changes, this blog was created.

So, first off, we are extremely happy with the feedback we've received thus far. We are continuously working towards our goal of making YouTube the digital video repository for the Internet. That said, please let us know if there's something you'd like us to address—we really, really, really do value any input our users send. We read every e-mail that is sent to us. Go ahead, try it; we'll prove it!

Anyway, back to the recent changes. This last week, we've added many improvements to the site:

  • New browse videos page

    We have been receiving many video uploads each day. While this is really exciting, we realized that it has gotten increasingly more difficult to find videos you want to watch. We have made an attempt to address this problem by launching a convenient browse page. From here, you can find the most recent videos, the most popular videos, the most discussed videos, and the most added to favorites videos

  • Searching by username

    Prior to this week, it was difficult to find videos by a certain user. For example, I've enjoyed every video Cobaltgruv has ever put up. Instead of having to search for a video of his, I can now type "cobaltgruv" in the search box and get a result set of all his videos.

  • Linking your videos from your homepage

    Many YouTube users maintain their own websites. A common request from users was to have a convenient way to link to videos users have uploaded to YouTube from these websites. We just released a feature that enables users to easily do this—linking to one's YouTube videos from anywhere on the Internet. By adding a tiny snippet of HTML code on your homepage, you can have your YouTube videos directly show up inside your homepage! For more details on how to do this, please see the help section.