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Go Vote! Ten Finalists Selected in the '08 Conventions Program

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

For a few weeks now, voters from across the U.S. have been submitting their videos in response to the question: "Why are you a Republican [or a Democrat] in 2008?" The Democratic and Republican National Convention Committees have reviewed those videos, and each selected five finalists for their 2008 conventions program. Starting today, you can vote for who gets to spend a day on the campaign trail with their candidate and attend the Party's biggest, well, party of the year. Vote here, until August 13 (at noon ET).

Both the Democrats and Republicans have been using YouTube extensively to connect with supporters interested in content around the conventions, including unique construction clips from Denver and St. Paul, where the events will be held. The winners of the YouTube convention contests will have their videos played live on stage at these two events, which promise to be major media frenzies, not to mention a whole lot of fun.

So go vote for your favorite clip and look out for two YouTube users to shine on the convention floor…

Steve G.