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Go Mobile! It's Tips & Tricks Week for YouTube on Your Phone

By Robin Norvell

YouTube Mobile Operations

This week we're joining in Google's celebration of all things mobile to make sure you're aware of the power you hold in your fingertips with YouTube on your phone. Not only can you watch millions of videos, but also you can upload videos directly from your device; maybe it's footage of a breaking news event, the drama unfolding at the party Saturday night, or your baby's first steps. Since we want to provide the best experience for each of you, we occasionally have different solutions for different phones -- so read on to find out what's available for yours.

Almost any phone with a browser can access the YouTube mobile website at (Some mobile phone operators offer a pre-programmed link, so if a YouTube link displays on your phone, click it to visit our site.) Once there, you can access your YouTube account, your favorite videos, your uploads and your favorite channels. You can also share, rate, and comment directly from the mobile website to other YouTube users. Or, if you've captured a great moment, upload your own video by sending it via MMS or email (sign in to YouTube and click here to get your unique address) and it will appear almost instantly on the website.

In addition to the website, you can also play high-quality YouTube videos with special applications on many devices, including Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry Storm v1 devices. For devices not listed, it means that there were either technical limitations to getting YouTube on the phone, or the experience wasn't a significant improvement over just visiting the mobile website. FYI, the apps for iPhone, Android and Palm Pre also support direct-to-YouTube uploads. To install the app on a compatible phone, visit

Keep an eye out this week as we tweet some useful tips and tricks for YouTube mobile. And be sure to let us know how you're liking it and what we can do to improve the mobile experience. To get started, just Go Mobile!