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Fred Hits 1m Subscribers

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

Congratulations to YouTube's most hyperactive star, the helium-voiced Fred Figglehorn, on the occasion of his Fred channel recording its millionth subscriber, the first YouTube channel to do so. What's even more amazing is that all this was accomplished in under one year.

A few Fred facts for the uninitiated (if there is such a thing): Fred is the creation of Lucas Cruikshank, a 15-year-old Nebraskan who was first spotted making videos with his cousins on the JKLproduction channel. His Fred channel is the fastest growing in YouTube history, featuring such smash-hit episodes as Fred Goes Swimming (23m+ views), Fred Loses His Meds (17m+ views), and Fred Goes to the Dentist (13m+ views).

Fred's high-pitched episodes chronicle the misadventures of a pseudo six-year-old, as he over-reacts to friends, family and schoolmates, events in his life, and the object of his non-reciprocated affection, Judy. Cruikshank releases his videos in traditional TV style, in 10-episode seasons that have become the schoolyard equivalent of must-see TV. His millionth subscriber joined the cult of Fred early in season three.

So congratulations Lucas/Fred on achieving this notable milestone in the history of online video. We're very impressed. Sadly, we can't promise that Judy will ever share our enthusiasm.


Mark Day