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FOX Sports' $1 million YouTube challenge to redefine the sports show

By Liam Collins

YouTube Next Lab

Love sports highlights on YouTube? Love music? How about a bit of both? You're about to see what happens when one of YouTube's beloved musical channels teams up with one of the biggest names in sports, with $1 million on the table.

Last week, FOX Sports Digital VideoFest challenged a dozen popular YouTube channels to create the next big idea in sports video, in 48 hours from the YouTube Space LA. FOX Sports’ judges selected AVByte for a $1 million development deal, based on their idea of putting your sports to music to create the next big idea in sports video on YouTube. To see how AVByte sets sports news to song, stay tuned to FOX Sports’ YouTube channel at

If you’ve never heard of AVByte before, you should join the 400,000+ subscribers who’ve learned that these brothers can turn anything into a musical, from hipster Disney princesses to "Grand Theft Auto" to "Sherlock."

Want to see what all the channels tried to do with new forms of sports shows? Check out this playlist of all their videos, and look for clips of them in a Ford ad this weekend during this Sunday's Big Game.