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A Finish Line That Must Be Crossed

By Ryan Junee

Product Manager

Today on the homepage, we're featuring a hot Oscar-nominated film set in the slums of India. No, not that one -- this film tells a real story. In honor of World Health Day, we're highlighting The Final Inch, an inspiring short documentary about a group of dedicated workers who are going door-to-door to give polio vaccines to children in the poorest areas of India:

Since polio no longer exists in the developed world, many assume that the crippling disease has been eradicated. Sadly, this isn't true.
Polio is still a reality in the world’s poorest countries. Created by our friends at and Vermillion Films, this captivating 38-minute film brings to light the global challenge of polio eradication and tells the story of those who are on the front lines helping the most vulnerable -- children under five living in some of the world's most destitute regions.

We hope that the film will raise awareness about the existence of polio and encourage you to support the public health workers who are working so hard to bring an end to the disease. You can click here to learn more about polio eradication efforts or to contribute to the cause.


Ramya Raghavan