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The Facebook Challenge: Day 60 - The End!

By Ramya Raghavan

Nonprofits & Activism Manager

We talked trash about giving ourselves two months to get more fans on Facebook than some well-known celebs, and though we're now totaling 3.65 million fans and have gained nearly 600K since embarking upon this journey, we simply could not catch up to Adam Sandler (3.69M), let alone Lady Gaga (4.02M), Will Smith (4.45M), Megan Fox (4.91M), or Vin Diesel (6.31M). Sigh.

But it's OK! Something good is coming out of this: as penance for our hubris, we asked our Facebook fans to choose which nonprofits should appear on our homepage today, in the first-ever spotlight determined by our Facebook followers. Over 1,800 of them voted on a list of nonprofits with great videos; nearly a third of Facebook voters chose charity:water, whose commendable use of YouTube and social media in general has been well documented. The rest of the votes shook out as so:

We're pleased to be featuring the top 4 winners on the homepage today. It's made the bitter pill of defeat a whole lot easier to swallow.