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The Facebook Challenge: Day 46

By Ramya Raghavan

Nonprofits & Activism Manager

There's still technically some time for us to slink past Vin Diesel, Megan Fox, Will Smith, Lady Gaga and Adam Sandler in the race for the most Facebook fans, but with just 14 days left, we'll admit it's not looking good (though, Sandler, can you feel our hot breath on your neck?!). We've gained over 500K fans since announcing the challenge; thanks to each and every one of you who humored our chest-thumping and joined our Facebook group.

As realists, we'll start nibbling that humble pie we said we'd eat and begin planning how some good can come from this. So screw the celebs: we're going to let our loyal Facebook followers determine which charities get featured in an upcoming spotlight celebrating this challenge. On our Facebook page, you'll find a poll listing 10 nonprofits with great videos on YouTube, some of which you suggested in an earlier blog post. The four nonprofits with the most votes will be featured on the homepage on Sept. 28. It will be our first-ever spotlight determined by our Facebook fans and we hope you'll be a part of it. Click here to vote.