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Welcome home, creators: a new website just for you

See how the new YouTube for Creators site has everything you need to make your channel a success.

How do I start creating on YouTube? How do I make money? How can I grow my channel? 

These are all questions creators may have scoured the internet for. That’s why we’re refreshing the YouTube for Creators website with ongoing tips and resources.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned creator, you are the driving force behind YouTube. We want to make it easier for you to do what you do best. Along with the official Creators channel, the website will offer expert advice to help tell your story, build your community, and turn your passions into opportunities.

Everything creators need to know to create on YouTube. All in one place.

Our new YouTube for Creators site brings you info about:

  • Getting started on YouTube: Ready to share your videos with the world? Find tips about production, channel branding, and YouTube Studio (aka your home base for posting videos and more).

  • Top creator questions: Spend less time researching and more time creating. We put answers to your most searched questions right on the homepage.

  • Policies + Guidelines: Keeping YouTube safe and protecting the YouTube community are our top priorities — and we all need to play our part. Easily stay up-to-date with the latest policy updates.

  • Building your community: See how you can use our suite of creation tools, comment managing tips, and metadata best practices to find and connect with fans.

  • Programs + Initiatives: Being a creator comes with perks! You can access creative workshops, the Black Voices Fund, Shorts Fund, FanFest, and more. Check out what other opportunities we have in store for you.

  • Growing your channel: Looking to take your channel to the next level? Explore our analytics tools, tips for attracting new viewers, and advice for improving your channel.

  • Making money on YouTube: Turn your creativity into income! Learn about traditional ads, the YouTube Partner Program, Channel Memberships and more.

We’ll keep adding info and inspo based on topics that matter most to you. Whenever you’re looking for advice, visit the YouTube for Creators site for the latest information.