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Escape From Spring Break

By The YouTube Team

It's March and, on the travel front, that can mean only one thing: sojourners, beware. In these waters, there be Spring Breakers.

For the next month, many of the Western hemisphere's finest vacation destinations will be inundated with legions of sun-worshipping students hellbent on having the most unforgettable week of their young lives. And, yes, the irony that much of that week will actually be forgotten is not lost on us here at YouTube.

Unfortunately, not everyone looking for a little end-of-winter respite fits into that enviable demographic. Some of us just want to get a little sun, a little good food, and a lot of peace and quiet. For those of you looking to avoid the throngs of young revelers, do not despair. YouTube's travel community has come to the rescue.

And for those college students thinking about a spring break that's a little more off the beaten path, here are a few fantastic ideas from some inspiring YouTube users.

Happy Travels,

The YouTube Team