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Entertain your fans longer on the YouTube apps for Android and iOS

By Matias Cudich and Waldemar Baraldi

Software Engineers

Now it’s easier for your fans to explore your channel on the latest YouTube apps for Android and for iOS. When fans get to your channel, you can keep them around longer. With the swipe of a finger, they can keep watching your video at the bottom of the screen while exploring the rest of your channel at the same time.

Your playlists, now available on mobile!

In addition to watching your videos and checking out your channel, fans can also now search for playlists on their phones, giving more life to the investment you made in programming them. With the new “Play All” button, your fans can sit back and watch all of your Season 2, making it easier to watch more wherever they happen to be.
Your videos directly to your fans’ personal YouTube jumbotron

The Cast button on YouTube already lets your fans send YouTube videos from the phone or tablet to a connected TV, like on Chromecast, Google TV, Playstation 3 and other TVs. To make it easier to choose what to watch next, they’ll see a preview screen when their devices are connected and they select a video, with options to play the video or queue it up to watch next.

Remember when you updated your channel to the new One Channel format? Well, here’s where it starts to get cool. This new design puts more focus on your beautiful videos with a cleaner, simpler look and makes it easier for viewers to find more to watch on your channel.