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Enjoy videos about some of the greatest artworks in the world

By Anna de Paula Hanika

Project Manager, Google Art Project

Earlier this week, Google unveiled the Google Art Project—a new site that lets you explore hundreds of artworks from 17 of the world’s most acclaimed art museums in extraordinary levels of detail, as well as take 360 degree tours of the museums using Street View technology.

With this project comes the launch of many of the museums’ very own YouTube channels -- along with an array of new videos about the artworks featured in the project. On the Google Art Project site you can explore 1000+ pieces of artwork at an amazingly high resolution levels. While zooming into a work of art you can also watch YouTube videos about it, as well as reading more about a particular artwork and its artist. More than 170 works of art in the project have accompanying videos; learn about a professional snowboarder’s perspective on an alpine landscape, the 20+ locations of Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ , the preservation process for Van Gogh’s ‘The Bedroom’ or even the live reaction of a pair of identical twins to a 17th century painting of twins.

You can browse a selection of the featured artwork videos on the Art Project’s YouTube channel, where you can also see behind the scenes footage of the project.

This project began as a 20% project for a group of Googlers who are passionate about making art more accessible online. We hope you enjoy these videos and maybe deepen your understanding of some of the world’s most famous works of art.