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Drum roll please… the winners of the UK and US YouTube NextUp class of 2016 are in!

By Bibiana Leite

Partner Development & Programs

Last month we announced this year’s contest for YouTube NextUp. We’re starting with the UK and US first, and we received hundreds of entries from channels of all kinds – from fashion to science, sports to food and everything in between.

And while deciding on the winners was beyond hard, we’re super excited to announce the final list of 51 winning channels! Let’s get right to it.

The winning UK channels are…

Bird Keeper Toby
Adriana Braje
Steven Bridges
Hannah Leigh
Cheap Lazy Vegan
Carly Toffle
Mike Boyd
Anna Johnson
Philosophy Tube
Cameron Sanderson
Maggy Woodley
Philip Green

The winning US channels are…

Akeem Lawanson
Kriscoart Productions
Retro Weld
Rikki Poynter
Beatbox Television
Jessica Flores
Jackson Bird
Origami Tree
Simple English Videos
Tim Bryan
Tracy Campoli
The Art Sherpa
Greg's Garage
Jasmine Rose
Angel Wong’s Kitchen
Painting with Jane
Studio Knit
Eddie G!
Cordero Roman
Sarah Croce
Mr. Fix It
Nic and Pancho
Dahlia & Dia
Kat McDowell
Ali Spagnola

Not only do these channels each get a $2,500 (or £1,750) voucher for production equipment, their creators get a spot at a weeklong creator camp at their nearest YouTube Spaces in London, New York, or Los Angeles.

While there, they’ll team up with production experts to learn new techniques in camera, lighting, and sound, and receive coaching from the YouTube Partnerships team on how to grow their audience like a pro. They’ll also get advice from previous YouTube NextUp grads (like Cassey Ho from Blogilates, Marcus Butler and Jack & Dean) and the opportunity to meet and work with other fast-rising creators in the program.

And for you creators outside of the UK and US, this is just the start for the YouTube NextUp class of 2016. The Tokyo contest is currently accepting submissions for Japan-based creators, and in the next few months we’ll be holding contests in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Toronto and Mumbai. So keep your eyes peeled for the announcements, enter to win, and you could be NextUp!!!