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Documenting your vote: send us your videos

By Olivia Ma

Director, Google News Initiative

Tomorrow, voters across the United States will head to the polls to cast their ballot in the 2012 election. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or first-time voter, taking part in the electoral process is a powerful experience, and one that we know many of you will document in some way, just like you did in 2008.

We want to see and hear from you tomorrow. Whether you’re vlogging about which candidate you support, capturing footage of the long line at your polling place, or encouraging your friends to get out of the house and go vote, we’re inviting you to send us your Election Day videos. You can either tweet them to @YouTubePolitics or include #YouTubePolitics in the video title, and a selection will be featured on the YouTube Elections Hub.

Be sure to check your state law for guidelines about what polling place activities are allowed where you live, and consult the Citizen Media Law Project’s Documenting Your Vote project before bringing your camera to your voting location.

Looking for a place to watch the returns come in? The YouTube Elections Hub will feature live coverage from ABC News, Al Jazeera, Larry King, New York Times and BuzzFeed, Phil DeFranco, Univision, and the Wall Street Journal. So you won’t have to go anywhere else to watch all different perspectives, all in one place.

Olivia Ma, Director, News Lab and Civics, recently watched “Political Kombat ‘12: Obama vs Romney