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Do you love K-POP?

By Lois Kim

Head of Marketing & Communications, YouTube Korea

Well, we know does after he called out the Korean girl group 2NE1 on YouTube earlier this year. If you are not familiar with K-POP, check out some of the top Korean music labels like YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, then come back between November 10 and 28 for your very own chance to be the next K-POP star.

MBC, the No. 2 TV network in Korea, is partnering with YouTube to search the world for the next big talent. Top Korean music labels have found audiences all over the globe watching their music videos and now it’s your turn to do your own performance. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Korean; you can audition in any language.

Based on the video views and votes for your submission, you’ll have the opportunity to be sent to Korea for a second audition on national TV. The final winner will be awarded KRW 300 million as well as a sponsorship from MBC to be debuted as the next K-POP star. For more details, visit