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Dems Flock to YouTube to Support Obama

By Steve Grove

Head of News And Politics, YouTube

This week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, delegates, party leaders, celebrities, and voters from every state in the nation gathered to officially nominate their candidate for President. YouTube, an official partner with the Convention, was on the scene with an upload booth that captured the thoughts of hundreds of diverse and enthusiastic Democrats. There was the woman who sang an ode to Barack Obama, a couple of Alaskan fisherwomen who applauded his efforts to protect our natural resources, and military veterans who gave their own reasons for supporting Obama. Here's a full set of highlights from the "I nominate Barack Obama because…" series:

In addition, party and political leaders – among them Governor Mark Warner, Senator Harry Reid, Governor Bill Richardson, Governor Brian Schweitzer, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin – and celebrities like John Legend, Charles Barkley, and Louis Gossett Jr. took the opportunity to speak directly to the YouTube community and/or to talk about why they are nominating Obama. Their videos, and a whole lot more, including Senator Obama's acceptance speech, are available on the DNCC's YouTube channel.

Stay tuned next week as we head to Minneapolis/St. Paul to catch all of the proceedings on the Republican side and to hear why that Convention's attendees feel equally excited about their candidate, Senator John McCain.

Steve G.