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Cut to the chase with improved YouTube playlists

By Molly Nix

User Interface Designer

One of the best ways to build an audience for your channel is by creating playlists, a quick and easy way to make a collection of videos you can share with your friends or the world.

Many of you have told us that when making playlists, you sometimes want to include just a clip and not the whole video — like starting the video right at the dramatic moment or the crazy trick play. So, you can now choose start and end times for each video in your playlist using a trimmer in the same way you can with YouTube Editor.   When you choose start/end times, your playlist viewers will only see your selected portion of the video, unless they choose to watch the video in its entirety. 

We also updated the look of the playlist editing page to make editing easier and faster, with description, privacy and other settings on the right. Here’s what you’ll see:

These updates will be rolling out over the next day or so. For more information, visit our help guide.