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Customize Your YouTube Homepage

By The YouTube Team

We've heard lots of suggestions ever since we launched our new personalized homepage a few months ago. We just launched three of those suggestions to make your personalized homepage even more useful and customizable:

  • You can now customize the number of videos shown within each section, as well as switch the layout between grid & list views. Want to see more subscription videos or friend actions each time you load your homepage? Just click on the "edit" button in the upper-right corner of each section and get customizing!

  • Do you use Insight to learn how, where, and when your audience watches your videos? Then you'll love the new Insight dashboard you can plug right into your homepage. We have two flavors to choose from: one that showcases which countries your videos are popular in, and another that showcases your videos' traffic over the past few days. Both versions will show which videos of yours are the most popular, as well as alert you to major changes in viewership - so you'll learn when that two-year-old video of you dancing in your room has suddenly made it big. You can turn these on by clicking "Add / Remove Modules" at the top of the homepage.

  • We've cleaned up and upgraded the design to better separate all the different sections - we hope you'll like it.

Want a personalized homepage but don't have an account? Then sign up!

Love it? Hate it? Have ideas for other changes? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion in our Help Forum.