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Creators, send your community #LoveNotes with Shorts!

This year, don’t just tell your fans why they’re special - show them.

YouTube Creators are showing love and appreciation for their fans using YouTube Shorts

Show appreciation for those who appreciate you most!

#LoveNotes is back! But this time, it’s YOUR turn to show your fans how much they mean to you – with Shorts!

There’s no better feeling than when a fan tells you how much your videos mean to them. Now’s your chance to dedicate #LoveNotes to your community on Shorts, celebrating all the ways they inspire you. Check out some ideas below on how you can create your own #LoveNotes.

3 tips to create your #LoveNotes with Shorts:

Share how your community has impacted you

Fans often reach out to feel closer to you. Every time you reply to their comments, take them behind the scenes, or share a part of your journey, you deepen that bond.

Start your #LoveNotes by picking a comment or two that made you smile. Show your audience how much these connections have encouraged you and propelled you to reach new milestones.

Introduce new traditions

Your community continues to enrich the culture you’ve cultivated on your channel. They take pride in their fanbase name and evolve your inside jokes. So, what better way to start new traditions than with Shorts?

Try inviting your audience to join in on the fun by accepting a challenge, or remixing your audio for their own Shorts soundtrack.

Recognize the fans who inspire you

Community is creating conversation, starting with your videos and Community posts. Your audience’s response influences your channel’s content.

Shout out fans with great ideas and recognize those who participate in your conversations! Create #LoveNotes that make your community feel seen, and they just might return the love.

Spread the love

Shorts are just one of the many ways to keep your channel new and exciting. Spread the love with the customized green screen background and share with the hashtag #LoveNotes.