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Convert viewers into subscribers with your Channel Trailer

By Andres Palmiter

Audience Development Strategist

If you’ve upgraded to the new YouTube One Channel, you’ve probably noticed that you can feature a trailer to convert viewers into subscribers. When you enable the Browse Tab in channel settings, only non-subscribers will see this trailer.

A compelling channel trailer is the most engaging way of introducing your channel, and encouraging your viewers to subscribe, so they’ll make you part of their YouTube habit. 

Some creators have already started featuring amazingly effective Channel Trailers. Here are a few examples: MysteryGuitarMan, Indy Mogul and Veritasium Science

Imagine this trailer as an ad for your channel. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re making your Channel Trailer:

  • Have a clear call to action to subscribe (scripted and annotated in the video, and in the video description as well)

  • Entertain the viewer - when in doubt “show” what your channel is about, don’t “tell”

  • Indicate the type of videos you upload and when you upload them

  • Think about the video’s context; it will be seen on the channel, potentially after a viewer has already seen at least one of your videos

  • There’s no perfect length, but shorter is better

For a full rundown of strategies to build your audience with the new YouTube One Channel, visit the revised YouTube Playbook. Now go create something great!