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By Margaret Healy

Strategic Partner Manager

Hey, everybody,

Even after three years at YouTube, each of you continues to amaze and inspire me.  I often find myself spending my early days and late nights laughing with you and your fans at the latest video that you’ve posted.  On a few occasions, you’ve even brought me to tears.  

You create videos on shoestring budgets--and yet, you are still the richest community that I know of.  You are barely five feet tall and athletic giants; you’re from the United States and from Africa; you sing and you joke; and every day--whether in a small or big way--you change the world a little bit more. That’s why I’m so excited about this new home for you--and creators like you from all around the world. 

Here in the Connect section of the new hub for Partners and creators, you’ll find out about all of the latest happenings in the YouTube creator community, whether it’s blossoming musicians during Music Tuesdays or one of our legendary star Partners.  And, when you want to, I’d like you to share your latest and most exciting stories with us so that others may be inspired by you, just as you have inspired me.  And I want you to help each other (whether it’s just to hang out or to collaborate on your next epic video), so consider signing up for a Creator Club in your area.  There are so many people who can learn from you and who you will learn from, too.  And I don’t need to tell you what kind of magic is created when two--or three or four--of you get together to create. 

The hub that you see now is just a tiny step of a much bigger project, so please start participating so that we can expand this and make it even better for our community in the future.  As always, we’re really open to your feedback, so please share it with us.

Sincerest wishes,