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Communications Manager: a new channel management role

By The YouTube Team

Do you get help from others to manage your channel? We heard from creators that you need better ways to delegate responsibilities to your trusted team members. We started by allowing our creators to add multiple managers to their Google+ page connected channels and, today, we’re announcing a new specialized ‘role’ – the communications manager.

Page owners can now assign the “communications manager” role to people in charge of engaging followers without giving full access to the connected YouTube channel or permission to edit their overall Google+ page appearance. Now you’ll have more control over what your channel managers can access. You can also use this feature to work with new channel collaborators without giving them access to manage your videos.

The communications manager role will have the ability to do some of the following key actions:

Communications managers will not have access to your YouTube channel and will be limited to social interactions on your Google+ page. For instance, these managers cannot work in your video manager, upload content to your channel, view your channel analytics, authenticate the channel for third-party tools, or add or remove managers from your account.

You can compare the three roles available to admins of your channel and corresponding Google+ page to get a better understanding of the various permissions. To start assigning different manager roles, visit the “Managers” tab of your Google+ Dashboard.