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Coming Soon: The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

First it was the Democrats; now it's the Republicans' turn. In just over two weeks, the second CNN/YouTube Debate will feature all eight Republican candidates on the You Choose '08 platform. Every question asked in the debate will come from your videos, which will be broadcast and answered in the live, prime-time event in St. Petersburg, Florida, on November 28.

The first debate put citizens' concerns squarely at the center of the political process.
Stephen Sixta's question on whether the candidates would speak directly to foreign dictators spurned a dialog between Senators Clinton and Obama that made headlines for weeks -- and has remained a central issue on which these candidates differ.

Our Republican debate already looks very promising. Almost 3,000 questions have been submitted so far, including the great ones like these.

The submission deadline to send in your question is November 25 -- three days before the actual event -- so make sure to submit your videos soon. With your help, we'll have another lively and compelling debate in which you drive the discussion between the candidates vying for the Republican nomination.

Steve aka Citizentube