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ComicCon Gets Collected

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

If you're a fan of superheroes, blockbuster movies and eye-popping sci-fi costumes, San Diego's ComicCon is something of a big deal -- big enough that YouTube users Charlieissocoollike and communitychannel traveled all the way from England and Australia, respectively, to see the annual pop culture extravaganza for themselves. For cash-strapped fanboys and fangirls, the good news is that with today's homepage spotlight collection, you can join them.

ComicCon gets bigger every year, and our coverage of the show doesn't stop with fan-on-the-event-floor reports. We've got the showbiz mavens of EW (that's Entertainment Weekly) checking in, gaming-oriented coverage from Machinima, and some classic ComicCon footage from the vaults of Current and the official ComicCon channel. You can find all things ComicCon by clicking "view all" on the Spotlight module on today's homepage. If you like what you see, why not favorite or playlist a few clips, and add them to your own collection?