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The CNN/YouTube Debate: How Did They Do?

By Steve Grove

Head of News and Politics

Well, the first CNN/YouTube debate is over and already we can't wait for the next one. Eight Democratic presidential candidates faced your questions – 39, to be exact - about the war in Iraq, the environment, health care, education (sex and otherwise), gay marriage, and lots more. Your questions were direct, heartfelt, and even brought some levity to politics (see travisandjonathan).

So what made you laugh? What made you throw things at the TV? Who impressed you? Who didn't? Tell the world what you thought of the debate. Upload your video responses here and see them on our debate page, which also contains all the questions that were asked.

The Republican debate is just a few weeks away, so get those cameras fired up and upload questions here for consideration for the Sept. 17 event.


Steve G.