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CIS Fair Use legal experts answer questions about YouTube

By Will Houghteling

Product Marketing Manager

Two weeks ago we offered the YouTube community the opportunity to ask leading fair use experts from Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society (CIS) questions about fair use. Using Google Moderator, more than 300 of you submitted 100+ questions and voted almost 3,000 times on the questions you wanted answered.

As expected, the questions varied dramatically, reflecting the diversity of content created and shared by YouTube users. Some of you wanted to know about dubbing over a cartoon, while others asked about adding commentary to video game play and someone else was hoping to create software tutorials using computer screencasts.

This week Anthony Falzone, Executive Director of the Fair Use project, and Julie Ahrens, Associate Director of the Fair Use project, answered a selection of the top voted questions (in the video’s description you can select which specific questions you want to see answered):

Thanks to all of you who submitted and voted on questions and please visit the YouTube Copyright Center if you have more questions.

(Full disclosure: Google provided start-up funding for the Fair Use Project, but has no involvement in the cases or positions that the project chooses to take.)