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Choosing how you’re seen on YouTube

By John Fisher

Software Engineer

Maybe you’ve outgrown that username cutepuppies99, which seemed like such a good idea at the time. Or perhaps your friends are missing out on your mad origami skills, because they don’t know you are the genius behind origamiboy1981.

Starting today we’re giving you the ability to change how you appear on YouTube, with the option to use your Google+ profile on your YouTube channel. One Google-wide identity was something that proved popular with new YouTube users when we began offering it in March, so we are now extending it to existing users.

This is your identity, so you’re in the driver’s seat. First off, your name. If you are currently YouTube user joeysam87, you can now appear as Joey Samson, the full name from your Google+ profile (with an actual space in the middle!), along with any photo you uploaded:

Next step, your past activity. Maybe you posted a few things way back (all those “I love you Biebs!!” comments?) that you’d rather not associate with publicly. By clicking “Review my content,” you can see every video, comment or playlist you’ve ever posted, and decide whether you want it associated with your full name before making the change:

This will give you more options for how your videos are seen and discovered on YouTube. However, we realize that using your full name isn’t for everyone. Maybe people know you by your YouTube username. Perhaps you don’t want your name publicly associated with your channel. To continue using your YouTube username, just click “I don’t want to use my full name” when you see the prompt. Stay tuned for more ways to use this username in other Google products and services in coming months.

For many YouTube users with existing Google+ profiles, you’ll start seeing this option the next time you upload or comment on YouTube. For partners, brands and organizations, you won’t see this just yet. This will first be available in the US, with plans to make this available internationally soon. For more information, check out our help center.