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Check out the Summer Labs at YouTube Space LA!

By Jennifer Vaden Barth

YTSLA Operations Coordinator

Each month, the YouTube Space LA holds a Creator Lab, where we invite creators in the same area to come and spend time in the Space. There, they learn from our master technicians and programmers, collaborate on videos together and get to try out new tools of the trade.

In June, the YouTube Space LA was host to the Beauty Lab, where we invited twelve beauty and fashion gurus to come and work in the Space.

We welcomed Evelinicutza, GlamLifeGuru, WendyTeresita, dazzlemehay, ANNEORSHINE, GlassSlipperbeauty, thatssociciyo, Lagunabeachlove10, DaniAustin2, ArikaSato, beautybitten, and fashionnewslive. Be sure to check out their channels and the playlist below to see what amazing work they’ve done.

To inspire our Beauty Lab this month, we built our own runway so that they could create fun new videos for their channels. Also, we joined forces with YouTube star Michelle Phan and her company Ipsy to bring together over thirty other beauty and fashion channels including our Lab, several industry influencers and brands for an exclusive networking event and cocktail reception.  

We also provided a two-day panel workshop resulting in a challenge for our Beauty Lab partners to collaborate with each other and come up with accessorized looks for Back-To-School videos. These will be available on HelloStyleChannel and annotated back to our creators’ channels.

And what about next month? Well it’s Geek Lab from June 17-July 20. If you are a self-described techie who likes special effects, animation, gaming, sci-fi, AND have a YouTube channel, then you’re a card-carrying Geek and we would love to have you can sign up here.