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Charles Barkley vs YouTube

By Andrew Bangs

The YouTube Team

Back in his playing days, no one threw his weight around the court better than the Round Mound of Rebound himself, Charles Barkley. These days, when he's not on the golf course or endorsing political candidates, he throws his weighty opinions around the studio as an analyst for TNT's three-time Emmy-winning show Inside the NBA. One of the most loquacious trash-talkers in NBA history, Chuck cuts as large a figure as a basketball commentator as he did during his Hall of Fame career.

So, hoop fans, sports vloggers and armchair analysts: Do you think you can challenge Sir Charles with your basketball acumen? And while you're at it, can you go toe-to-toe against Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller and Kenny "The Jet" Smith?

If you've got a great question about the 2007-08 NBA season, watch the challenge video here and post your question as a short, snappy video response. Charles, Kenny, Reggie, Magic and host Ernie Johnson will select the best questions, then broadcast and answer those questions during Inside the NBA on Thursday November 1, during TNT's broadcast of the Detroit vs. Miami and Phoenix vs. Seattle games.

Now, the idea here is not to try to stump the analysts with NBA minutia (like this: Which lanky forward averaged 6.3 points per game in a reserve role for the 1978-79 New Jersey Nets?*), but to instigate some compelling discussion about the game. I know I have questions, like who has the best nickname in the NBA? Why don't today's players shoot the finger-roll? Are the new, improved Celtics as good as advertised?

What do you think? Remember: use the video response function.

Looking forward to your video responses,

Andrew B.

*Lakers coach and Zen Master Phil Jackson