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Celebrating our Humans of Earth Day

We’re highlighting creators who are making sustainability easier to incorporate into everyday life, living off the land, and running small businesses with the planet in mind

Happy Earth Day! While today is all about celebrating Planet Earth, we also want to recognize some of the humans on YouTube who are doing amazing things to protect our planet, year-round.

On our official YouTube channel, we’re spotlighting over 30 creators from around the world who are educating, inspiring, and taking action to help the environment. These include forward-thinkers like JHÁNNEU (a low impact minimalist making intentional living more accessible), DALLYMD (a scuba diver deep sea diving for trash), and JustJoeLee (an entrepreneur starting a sustainable clothing company).

Thank you to our Humans of Earth Day for having such a bright and positive impact on our planet!”

This week, we’ve curated three playlists that represent only a small part of a much larger sustainability community on YouTube. These creators and their hobbies, jobs, and interests are as diverse as the planet itself. Whether you’re into tiny homes, coastal foraging, starting a sustainable small business — or anything in between — there are so many ways to get involved with helping to preserve our world’s natural resources.

While today is only one day, the need to do more for the Earth is something that we are thinking about all the time. Thank you to our Humans of Earth Day for having such a bright and positive impact on our planet! We hope you enjoy our playlists and learn a thing or two about living more sustainably. And perhaps you’ll even implement a new habit or two beyond this Earth Day.

Here are some other fun videos to check out: