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Captivating and building up your audience: Show us what you’ve got!

By The YouTube Creator Academy Crew

Want to showcase your YouTube skills and expertise to other creators? We’ve heard from our community of creators that you like to learn from one another. The YouTube Creator Academy would like to offer you the opportunity to help others learn the ropes.

Interested? If so, follow these easy steps to share your guru skills!
  1. Join our Google+ Community if you aren’t already a member.
  2. Create a brief (~ two minute) video and post it on our community showing a demonstration of one of the following concepts using your own content:
    • How to hook your viewers in the first moments of a video? - Tag your post with #ytcahook
    • What calls to action do you make to get your audience to engage? - Tag your post with #ytcacta
  3. Include in the Google+ Post:
    • A link to your video (tag your post with #ytcahook or #ytcacta)
    • Your thoughts on:
      • What inspired you or made you decide this topic was important?
      • How have you measured success?

Know of a great video that showcases this content that you did not create? Share and tag it (with #ytcahook or #ytcacta) along with:
  • What made you decide this video really showcased this concept?
  • How have you used these techniques on your own channel?
Check out the ytcahook and ytcacta posts and +1 your favorites between 9/23 and 9/27. Videos with the most +1 and comments automatically rise to the Creator Academy G+ community showcase category.