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Calling All Creative Types...

By Mia Quagliarello

Community Manager

We'd like to introduce you to the Creator's Corner, a new hub for aspiring video-makers. This section of the site brings together all the information a budding artiste could want to know about making videos, including:

We think of this as just the beginning: we're currently working on setting up some Webinars to help you take your video-making to the next level, and we're seeking out some of the most accomplished video producers on YouTube to grill them on the techniques, inspiration and secrets behind their videos. (First up: read about tilt-shifting and timelapse in Keith Loutit's "Metal Heart" video.)

In addition, we're eager to expand our badge gallery, so if you have an awesome graphic you'd like to share with others to help them advertise their YouTube presence on their own site, email it to and we'll consider it for inclusion on the page. If we do add your graphic to the Corner, we'll be sure to credit you there and send you a T-shirt as thanks.

So please give the site a whirl and let us know what you think -- and what you'd like to see -- in the comments below or in the forum.