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Budget Travel Tips on YouTube

By The YouTube Team

Is vacation planning giving you your first case of the summertime blues? With gas prices and airfares skyrocketing, embarking on an exciting/bank-breaking getaway is probably the least appealing thing on the thrifty traveler's mind.

Some travel gurus on YouTube feel your pain and are here with helpful tips for turning those dollar-draining days into dog days. For instance, to avoid the costs of pricey hotels or hostels, you might try Couch Surfing:

In case you're not into the whole Bohemian thing, these tips on booking travel arrangements might be more appropriate:

Finally, for those who just can't stomach opening up their wallets, there's always the lure of the Great Outdoors (available in your own backyard):

Have some crafty travel ideas of your own? Then send them along -- we're always looking for more tips and tricks.

Happy Travels,

The YouTube Team