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For Black History Month, Black artists reimagine the YouTube logo

To kick us off, we’ve interviewed Leandro Assis, a Brazilian-based artist, letterer and art director.

At YouTube, we believe that Black stories and voices matter. During Black History Month, we will celebrate Black stories, voices and culture that have contributed to creativity and innovation on YouTube and throughout the world. We've got a host of exciting activities planned and are starting off the month by championing artwork from Black guest artists who are sharing what Black creativity means to them. We’ll be featuring their art on the YouTube homepage, along with curated content from Black Creators and talent across our Spotlight and TV surfaces – including new YouTube Originals and Kids content. 

To kick us off, we interviewed Leandro Assis, a Brazilian-based artist, letterer and art director. Known for his bold lettering and designs, he reimagined the YouTube logo by honoring the voices of Black creativity.

Leandro Assis

Leandro Assis

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Leandro Assis: I believe Black History Month is an important date for us to reinforce reflection on issues in the Black community, to have the respect that we deserve.

What inspired you to create this piece?

LA: What inspired me to create this piece were the Black people around me. The meaning and importance of our hair, the way we dance, the rhythms we create, and the beauty of our different skin tones.

How are you inspired by Black creativity that happens on YouTube?

LA: Black creativity on YouTube was the thing that empowered me. I see so many people who look like me, talking about things that I need to hear, and I think that it’s really inspiring. 

Is there a message you would like to share with young Black people who are thinking about becoming artists?

LA: No matter what you do, don’t let go of your Blackness. No matter how much society asks you to do that. What got you this far matters, and it is a reason to be celebrated. 

Be sure to come back to the YouTube homepage each week to see the next design, and stay tuned for more across YouTube.