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Better commenting coming to YouTube

By Brett Hobbs

Staff Software Engineer

Hear YouTube comments are getting an upgrade? In the coming days and months, you’ll get better moderation tools and your fans will get a better viewing experience because comments are turning into conversations that matter to them. Comments from you and people your fans care about will rise to the top of the conversation, and you’ll also be able to block specific key words, banish unwelcome voices and pre-approve people who contribute to meaningful discussions.

The features are ready and waiting for you to try on your channel discussion tab today and will roll out across all watch pages and mobile by the end of the year.

Here’s what you need to do to try out the new features today:
  1. Connect your YouTube account to a Google+ page or profile: here’s how
  2. Enable the discussion tab on your channel: here’s how
  3. Try new features to engage your fans like +mentioning them in comments or sharing a video link
  4. Set your channel moderation preferences to see how they work on your discussion tab today. When the new comments roll out across YouTube, your moderation settings will help you save time while improving the conversations around your videos.
After you give the new feature a try, drop in to our YouTube/Google+ integration community and send us some feedback.