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Beta Launch for YouTube Feature Updates

By The YouTube Team

We just launched beta versions of three new feature updates to improve overall management of your messages, contacts and videos. These tests are already being served to a small percentage of randomly selected users, but anyone can choose to opt in and test them out. Once logged in to your account, click the following links to start using the beta versions of the new Inbox, My Contacts and My Videos features.


Along with a slick new interface, the new YouTube messaging system sports significantly faster loading times and a smarter message throttling system (in other words, non-spammers should see "Sorry, please wait to send more messages" a whole lot less). Video comments, responses, shared videos, friend invites and personal messages can now be seen in one unified view, and a new counter will show the number of unread messages in each category. You can now send a message to multiple recipients, and other people can no longer see whether or not you have read their messages. Friend invites are now easier to manage, with the newest invites appearing on top of the list, new pagination controls, and fewer page refreshes all around.


For the new My Contacts beta we changed the layout and functionality to make creating contacts and organizing your friends, subscribers and subscriptions much easier. You can select multiple contacts at once to view details, apply labels and send messages. You can also add a real name and email address to the info listed for a contact to make it easier to identify your friends when sharing videos or messaging (since you may not always remember that your friend Daniel is really vidcritic517). In addition, your Friends label is now reserved exclusively for users who you have confirmed to be your friend.


The new My Videos beta includes a complete redesign of all video management tools for: uploading and editing videos, favorites and history. You can see details for all of your videos in one view and batch-select videos to perform multiple actions like adding videos to playlists and favorites. Sorting filters for time, date added, views and ratings have been added for your uploaded videos, favorites and viewing history. The new 'Info & Settings' page for your uploads has also been improved with collapsible menus for editing video information, thumbnails and options for broadcasting and sharing your videos.

We'd love to get your feedback on these new features before we launch the full release, so please post a comment here, upload a video or shoot us an email and let us know what you think!

Happy testing,
The YouTube Team