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Best in Jest Is Back

By Mark Day

Comedy Programs Manager

There are a lot of ways to discover comedy content on YouTube: browsing the comedy category , subscribing to comedy channels, exploring the related video suggestions when watching comedy videos, and tracking friend activity are just some ideas. Indeed, exploring the site can be half the fun. But sometimes it's nice to kick back and find a collection of guaranteed funny stuff all in one place. That's where Best in Jest comes in. It's a destination for videos from some of our favorite comedy partners, presented by Observe and Report, the new movie from Warner Brothers, starring Seth Rogen.

Best in Jest contains top-shelf comedic content from channels like TheOnion,
barelypolitical, blamesocietyfilms and waverlyflams in a special player. You can also check out a playlist that includes some man-on-the-street interviews with stars like Seth Rogen, captured by YouTube user eyestoobright at the movie's world premiere. Nice catch, "eyes"!

We'll be adding more clips to Best in Jest over the next week, so come back often.


Mark Day