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Being a YouTube Creator Just Got Even More Rewarding

By The YouTube Team

[Update: This blog post was updated at 6:39PM PST on 4/12. Please read more below.]

Some videos reach millions of viewers, while others satisfy the appetite of a precise, yet passionate audience. Whether you want to become a global pop star, create the Ultimate Frisbee Channel, teach math to students around the world, or publicly muse on your daily life, you can do it on YouTube. Partners are already producing videos that draw large and loyal audiences while building careers for themselves. But we know that there are many more creators out there with talents to share, and we want to empower them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

So starting today, we are updating partner eligibility across 20 countries (listed below) where the YouTube Partner Program has launched. YouTube uploaders in these countries can become YouTube partners by enabling their YouTube accounts, and successfully monetizing at least one of their videos. You can start your journey as a YouTube partner by reviewing the terms and opting in your account here. Read here for more information.

This change will be in effect today in the countries listed below, and we’ll work to make it more broadly available in countries where the YouTube Partner Program has launched:

  • Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Your journey as a YouTube partner is what you make of it. Whether you’re aiming to score your next million subscribers or just want to learn about the best times to upload videos, there are resources tailored to your needs.

To help you unlock your creativity and further develop your skills, there’s:

  • Next Vlogger: A few weeks ago, we asked you which category we should choose for our NextUp program. You overwhelmingly selected YouTube Next Vlogger. Participants will receive one on one training from YouTube stars and industry leaders like iJustine, video equipment valued at $5,000, and global promotion on and off the YouTube. Apply by April 18.
  • Creator Clubs: Sign up for a Creator Club to network and collaborate with other creators in your area. And stay tuned for Partner Meetups to learn new skills directly from YouTube staff and experts.
To help you grow larger and more engaged audiences, there’s:

  • Partner Promotion: Certain creators who were partners prior to April 10th may be eligible to receive free advertising on the Google Display Network—websites that cover more than 92 percent of the Internet. Learn more in the Creator Hub. We hope to extend this feature to additional partners over time.
  • Creator Playbook 2: The YouTube Creator Playbook 2 is the latest version of the definitive YouTube audience development guide. Find it at
  • Creators On the Rise: The On the Rise Program offers high potential up-and-coming partners with homepage, editorial and social media promotion. Look out for opportunities to participate every month.

[Update] We're excited to provide more creators with the opportunity to become partners and have access to programs and resources to help them be successful on YouTube. These programs will be tailored to partners based on their specific needs. We also recognize that custom thumbnails and banners are sought-after features by many creators. We are working on making these and other features available to more newly-made partners over time, like we have done with long uploads and monetization. 

You can stay on top of all creator news at the Creator Hub ( To help you better discover new opportunities, all partner initiatives will be identified with the new gold play icon. The icon symbolizes the heart of YouTube: you and your content.

If you’re willing to work hard and create videos that entertain, inspire, educate and amaze, then you can find success on YouTube. Whether you’re a novice or a mogul, we’re committed to helping you meet your goals as a YouTube partner.