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Be A Record Breaker At YouTube UK

By The YouTube Team

There is something about the Guinness Book of World Records that stirs people into action in ways ranging from the sublime to the gloriously ridiculous. Seeing as YouTube arguably provides a similar catalyst, today we are happy to hand the homepage over to Guinness Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

The occasion? The fourth annual Guinness World Records Day, inaugurated to mark the publication's place in its own pages as the biggest-selling commercial book of all time. Craig has set himself the task of surfacing some of the best record-breaking videos out there, coming up with a list that spans global superstars and local heroes – although he argues that they share some common traits.

"The videos I've highlighted today all embody the spirit of determination and dedication required to earn yourself Guinness World Records certification," he explains. "This selection is, I truly believe, a realistic snapshot of the world we live in today. The news is full of doom and gloom, and rarely paints a true, balanced picture of the world we live in. The truth is that humanity is full of optimistic, fun-loving, determined people, and Guinness World Records is here to celebrate the fantastic diversity of people and their achievements."

As you can see above, Craig isn't beyond taking part in the record breaking process himself and is keen to spark that spirit in others. Today, for example, he will be joining the crowds at St Pancras station in London who, together with the Pants To Poverty organisation, will be attempting to set a new record for the Largest Gathering of People Wearing Pants. If they can do it, so can you – although if you want to share your efforts through YouTube, we'd really rather you remained fully dressed…

Have fun,

The YouTube Team