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Be a part of the Big Game with YouTube Ad Blitz this weekend

By Kariyushi Casper

Ad Blitz Interactive Project Manager

It’s clear you’re starting your Big Game preparation early with YouTube’s Ad Blitz 2014. As of this week, commercial teasers on YouTube have been watched 77 million times--more than twice as much as this time last year.

And when the commercials roll out on Sunday, February 2, you’ll want to watch them again and again. Come game day, tune back into the Ad Blitz channel to view your favorite spots as they go live on TV. As soon as the game is officially over, you’ll have until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 10 to vote for your favorite commercial spots.

There’s more fun to be had on the YouTube Ad Blitz channel. Catch up with custom content from talented YouTube stars including SoulPancake, Sawyer Hartman, The Brothers Riedell, Brittani Louise Taylor, 5 Second Films, John Elerick, UCB Comedy, Final Cut King and The Fine Brothers.

Game not going your way on Sunday? Re-enact those foul plays the way they should have gone down by inviting friends to the multi-screen Toss & Catch challenge.